Do you want to be free??

Freedom from Pain & Fatigue Free Consultation

During this free consultation, we will: 

  • Uncover the root causes of your chronic pain & fatigue pattern 
  • Discover the hidden obstacles that are blocking your healing process 
  • Create a customized action plan to get you fatigue- and pain-free now
  • Leave feeling renewed, invigorated, and READY to solve your pain and fatigue once and for all!!   

The case review is a 90-120 minute full review of your case.  Here, we assess all of of the parameters surrounding your primary and secondary concerns, including your family health history, most recent lab work, and take vital measurements, such as blood pressure and temperature.  By traveling back in time to before your current symptoms began, we're able to piece together your entire health story of how, when, where, and why your symptoms appeared.  This allows us to determine the root cause of your symptom patterns so that we have a clear working diagnosis for initial treatments.  Through our conversation, we will begin to understand when your body first veered from health and how, over time, the effect has 'snowballed' to create your current constellation of symptoms.  People are often surprised that the origins of the symptom they are seeking care for developed much earlier than they thought.


Following the Case Review, we discuss the treatment protocol, which may include acupuncture, botanical medicine, or a combination of modalities.  We select the best acupuncture points and Chinese medicine formulas to change both your chief concern and your overall level of systemic health.  This allows you to have a significantly higher level of functioning throughout your body and mind.

Since everyone responds differently to interventions based upon their age, various parameters around their symptom, the nature of the symptom, longevity of its occurrence, intensity, and so forth, in most cases we recommend two acupuncture treatments to determine your rate of response within a one-week time frame.  Most people seeking our care have an average of 50-55 symptoms at the beginning of treatment.  With this high degree of imbalance, acupuncture and Chinese medicine tends to produce an effect for 1-3 days initially, until the body becomes more balanced, allowing treatment to be sustained.  


This appointment is generally held one week after treatment begins to determine your Rate of Response to treatment.  The Rate of Response is determined by subjective and objective factors.  The subjective findings are based upon your experience of your symptom and changes in your overall wellbeing, including sleep, digestion, and energy.  Objective findings include blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and adrenal function.  The objective findings are put onto a spreadsheet to calculate overall averages and trends.  We often find that objective measures, such as blood pressure, temperature, and adrenal function begin to move towards optimal levels.  This appointment generally takes place after the third treatment, allowing us to have enough input to stimulate your body's healing response so that a permanent change is more profound.  This appointment also assesses the speed and degree of change so that we can gauge our progress and accurately create a customized treatment plan of how to move forward.