I am honored to be a part of your journey towards wellness.  I am extremely grateful for all of the kind words from my patients - Thank you all so much!


Ariel is an incredibly caring practitioner. Her patients needs are her number one priority. Her caring is only matched by her skill... Her touch is incredibly light and done with precision. I LOVED my treatment with Ariel and attribute her care to helping me stay injury free from my constant running injuries!Brian K.

Ariel is truly gifted and genuinely cares for each one of her clients. Ariel takes the time to really understand you as a whole, not just the symptoms experienced. I have loved working with Ariel these last 7 months, and have seen drastic improvements in my health. I look forward to continuing to working with Ariel and improving my body as a whole.  ~ Lindsay C.

Ariel has a wonderful approach and I would highly recommend her.  She is an excellent listener, extremely thoughtful, and an advocate for your health.  You always feel like herpriority when working together is to get you on a clear path to healing. Ariel is professional, approachable, and a necessary tool for your journey to wellness. ~ Amy C.

I've had about 4 sessions with Ariel.  I found her to be very professional, extremely knowledgable and pleasant to deal with.  The problem I was having is about 95% better.  I had just about given up on finding relief.  Highly recommended. ~ Clive T.

I visited Ariel to see if acupuncture could help me with sinus infections. I often get sinus infections that can only be cleared by a round of antibiotics. She listened to my report of symptoms and gently explained what kind of treatment would work the best. Following the acupuncture treatment, I felt the congestion move and by the second day following treatment, my sinuses were clear. I have tried acupuncture for this 15 years ago and it was not effective. Ariel proved to be very knowledgeable and confident of what acupuncture could do. Her gentle techniques proved to be effective and painless. No need to fear these tiny yet powerful needles. I highly recommend Acupuncture by Ariel.  ~ Nancy W.

I have really enjoyed working with Ariel. She is thoughtful, conscientious, calm, and caring. She takes the time to ask and answer questions. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice. I greatly appreciate her comprehensive, holistic approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of an herbalist/acupuncturist. ~ Josie E.

Ariel has amazing compassion for illness and pain.  With her multiple modalities and deep understanding of both Traditional Chinese Herbs as well as acupuncture, she treats your body as a unique whole.  She is a gentle, yet strong healer.  I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family!  Make an appointment!   ~ Alina H.

In one acupuncture session, Ariel Wachowiak just about eliminated the pain in my big toe that was the result of a really bad sprain. The pain had been coming from inside the joint for over a year since the injury. After that session, pain was not present, and the range of motion that had decreased had returned. I plan to continue with recommended follow up appointments for maintenance as the benefits are undeniable. Traditional Chinese Medicine certainly is incredible and Ariel is an outstanding practitioner. As a clinician, she is both compassionate and professional. She is a natural healer. I highly recommend her practice to anyone seeking to benefit from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). ~ Quinn C.

Ariel is a thorough thinker and takes her time in connecting with her clients' needs.  Her demeanor is calming with a very friendly nature.  You will enjoy your encounter with her, may it be professional or personal. ~ Adrienne B.

I worked with Ariel for 3 years. She is extremely thoughtful and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her for your acupuncture and herbal needs. You will be in good hands! ~ Christina C.

Ariel is an amazing acupuncturist and herbalist. She is thoughtful and caring. I would highly recommend her! ~ Katie K.

Ariel truly has the best interest of the patient in mind. If you're looking for a compassionate, dedicated, and effective practitioner then look no further. She is an outstanding acupuncturist and herbalist! ~ Meagen S.

Ariel is a thoughtful and caring practitioner and an overall wonderful acupuncturist. If anyone knows what good bodywork (massage, tui na) feels like, it's Ariel! She knows how to deliver great and effective treatments! ~ Julie B.

Ariel has a unique personality that make her a unique Chinese medicine practitioner. I have been studying and working with her for more than 3 years. I have seen amazing results she is getting with her patients. I definitely recommend her. ~ Hussain A. 

Ariel is a wonderful acupuncturist and herbalist, and a terrific person. I enthusiastically recommend her! ~ Bryan I.

Ariel is one of the best acupuncturists I know. She is thoughtful, caring, knowledgable, and a overall a wonderful person. She has a way of allowing me to feel comfortable to let my voice be heard. You won't be disappointed! ~ Danielle D.